About Bluemoon Hotels

Bluemoon Hotels Chain was established in 1999.
About Us

The founder of the chain, Dayal.N was the mastermind behind devising the elaborate chain of hotels and currently has over 2 decades of experience in the hospitality line of business. With over 33 years of experience in the field of architecture, Mr Dayal has been constantly innovating his approach to make Bluemoon one of the best hotel chains in India. After starting humbly from a meagre 7 rooms in 1999, Bluemoon currently has over 120 rooms in 4 different locations under its name. At present, the hotel chain is focusing its initiatives on its next new venture, the Bluemoon Paradise which will be located in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and is slated to launch in 2023. The new resort will span over 9 acres and will have a wedding venue.

Vinod Prabhu.D, Head-Operations, Bluemoon Hotels is the son of Mr Dayal. Although Mr Vinod has pursued Civil Engineering, he is very passionate towards the hospitality sector and has a deep understanding of the latest hotel technologies. Currently, he manages the entire day-to-day operations of Bluemoon Hotels. With a creative spirit, lucrative thinking, social persona and a curious mind, he possesses the right attributes to garner Bluemoon Hotels towards its visioned success and beyond.

About Us
About Us

Deepak Sridhar manages the head administration of the Bluemoon Hotels Chain. A graduate in information technology, he is the ring bearer to effortlessly channelize the new age business and generate streamlined work processes. With a mind that is equipped with effectively managing the human resource to deploying the right measures that harness the power of IT and connecting dots